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“When we charge forward as one heartbeat, with clear values, we can change the world. This is the path to freedom.”

― Zainab Salb


trail Adventures // weekend sessions

Our last cycle of Trail Adventures for 2019!

This is a nature-based program for children aged 8-12 years with the therapeutic intention of exploring the nature of being human and becoming more comfortable with being uncomfortable through connecting with self, the group, and nature.

We will explore the eight C’s of self leadership from the Internal Family Systems model including curiosity, calm, confidence, compassion, clarity, creativity, courage, and connectedness.

This inclusive program intends to enhance wellbeing by expanding social and emotional capabilities in the continual state of change that surrounds us and practice new patterns of relating and communicating in the safety of the group.

We will first meet on Saturday 7 September at 3.30pm on the trails of Hong Kong (location to be confirmed). Then on 21 September, 26 October, 9, 16, and 30 November.

The investment of HKD1,800 for six sessions (2 hours each) between September and November includes counselling and mentorship, insurance, hiking, campfire, first aid supplies, pre- and post-program communications with parents and carers of participants.

I invite you to register for the program here.

trail Adventures // thursdays

I’m accepting expressions of interest for a group adventure therapy program (maximum of six participants) starting on Thursdays in September for young people with neurodivergence, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD), Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, Anxiety, or experiences without letters or labels attached.

The intention of this Adventure Therapy program is to find comfort in the collective and experience a sense of belonging. Participants may develop compassion and find more ease in response to dysregulation in their way of being which can present as anxiety, fear, stress, anger, depression, low mood, perfectionism, low self esteem, or sense of self.  Through the program we can become more open to embracing the neurodiversity of the collective, develop self advocacy (the ability to understand and effectively communicate our needs to others), and find more peace in the state of flux between chaos and rigidity that can be experienced within and around us.

The investment of HKD3,800 includes six group sessions (2 hours each) between September and November, an individual counselling session to assess readiness for the program (1 hour), and an individual post-program counselling session (1 hour) for all participants.  The program includes counselling and mentoring, insurance, hiking, campfire, and first aid supplies, plus pre- and post-program communications with parents and carers of participants.

I invite you to register your interest here.

The financial investment should not be a barrier to receiving support, and I invite you to reach out to discuss payment options or sponsorship.

Choose your Own Adventure Programs

Bespoke programs for schools, home school students, school peer groups on scheduled continuing professional development days for teachers, sports teams, community organisations, and other group opportunities and workshops are available on request.

Themes may include: claiming our strengths, body sovereignty, standing our ground, nourishing our mind and body, compassionate relationships, the practice of non violence, and redefining success.

The program includes counselling and mentoring, public liability insurance, hiking, campfire, and first aid supplies.

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The Practice of Non Violence

According to research at the Metta Centre for Nonviolence and beyond, young people are losing optimism, with some turning to self-destructive behaviours following society’s unbalanced emphasis on the external and neglect of our inner world.

Nonviolence is the use of peaceful means, not force, to bring about political, social, or personal change. Nonviolence is not simply the absence of violence, it is a philosophy based on the values of courage, compassion, truth, trust, fearlessness, selflessness, forgiveness, and self-regulation. This philosophy aligns with the wisdom from traditions of culture, religion, and science that all life is connected, yet the principles can be lived by regardless of our cultural or religious beliefs.

Nonviolence, beyond the philosophy, is also a skill that we can individually practice and cultivate with our thoughts, words, and actions. Through the practice of nonviolence, we can lay the foundations for peace, justice, and ultimately improve the wellbeing of those offering nonviolence and also those receiving.

In this interactive workshop, we begin with an overview of the history and philosophy of nonviolence then explore the practice of nonviolence. Through this experience, we can reflect on how we can develop more compassionate connections with self, others, and nature and apply the learnings to lead by example thereby sharing the concept of nonviolence with our friends, family, and beyond.

wellness circle

This mentoring program is based on curriculum developed at Harvard Medical School for girls aged 8 to 14 to support their mental, emotional, social, and physical health and decrease their vulnerability to the development of body preoccupation and disordered behaviours by increasing their understanding of body sovereignty.

Benefit mindset

A benefit mindset builds on a growth mindset, where we not only seek to fulfil our potential, but choose to do it in a way that serves the wellbeing of all. This playful and thought-provoking series of workshops for students introduce the benefit mindset and explore how being a leader in everyday life can not only ripple out to benefit others, but it also can benefit us in terms of our own wellbeing.

being me

This program is based on curriculum developed by Naomi Richards and Julia Hague in the UK to build self esteem, confidence, body image and resilience in children so they can accept and love who they are, and in doing so, see everyone around them as equal.  Weekly themes include body image, puberty, self esteem and self worth, peer pressure, being unique, friendship, and bullying.

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integral yoga

The goal of Integral Yoga® is to develop an easeful body, peaceful mind, and useful life.

Integral Yoga® for young people and their mentors encourages connection, compassion, creativity, flexibility, strength, awareness, and self mastery.  Classes include age appropriate asanas, breath work, deep relaxation, and meditation.

Accessible Yoga

The purpose of Accessible Yoga is to share this inclusive practice with all people, regardless of ability or background, as we all deserve equal access to the teachings which offer individual empowerment toward an awakening of the collective consciousness.

Excluded or underserved communities may include people of all ages, shapes, sizes, religions, cultures or prisoners, refugees, people with transient or chronic physical, neurological, emotional, or psychological challenges. The goal is to make any of these people feel welcome in a practice, so they can experience the benefits of yoga.

self practice

Individual or groups sessions to introduce the concept of mindsight and develop the practice of meditation through connecting the mind and body and working with the breath to encourage connection and compassion for self and others.  The breath can be a powerful tool toward self regulation in the classroom, playround, and beyond.

Reach out to learn more about our bespoke programs for individuals, families, schools, sporting teams, and community groups.


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