Storytelling can be a powerful way to share important and otherwise heavy content that is difficult to digest.

Kimberly Zapata shares her story on depression via The Mighty.

When well intentioned people tell her "It’s OK. You’ll snap out of it; I mean, everyone gets depressed”, Kimberly explains "depression isn’t a bad day. It isn’t a bad moment, a bad week, and everyone does not “get depressed” because depression is a mental illness — an illness which you cannot shake, you cannot snap out of, and you cannot wish away."

How do we differentiate between depression and sadness?

It's important to understand that sadness is a feeling and depression is an illness. When we minimise mental illness, the person experiencing depression feels as though it is all in their head and they could, and should, be able to shake it like everyone else who has had a bad day.

Read on and spend a few moments in Kimberley's shoes.

Melissa Shadforth