Nature therapy

Did you know there’s a natural antidepressant in soil? Mycobacterium vaccae has been found to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs provide.  The bacterium is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which helps you feel more relaxed and happier.  Studies were conducted on cancer patients and they reported a better quality of life and less stress.

Time to get you're hands dirty in nature!

“We have pharmaceutical solutions for health problems that can be solved by the great outdoors.”

Following the Great Outdoors Lab 2016 conference in California, it seems we're not quite ready for medical professionals to prescribe time outdoors as a healthcare alternative, however, through more translational research there is much optimism.

Research on paediatric equine therapy has led to insurance coverage for some treatment protocols; the research, health institutions, and practitioners are all starting to line up.

We look forward to hearing the findings from the Great Outdoors Lab 2017 conference next month!

Melissa Shadforth