Social connection

"Humans require social connection for optimal brain development, and babies cared for in a loving environment are psychological and neurologically ‘immunised’ by love. When things get difficult in adult life, the neural wiring developed from a love-filled childhood leads to increased emotional resilience in adult life. Conversely, those who grow up in an environment where loving care is unstable or absent are less likely to be resilient in the face of emotional distress."

This article explores how our ability to connect is impaired by trauma and the potential social solutions to addiction.  A big word, with many shades of intensity. Aside from substance dependence, addiction can arise with screens, gaming, risky behaviour, retail consumption, food, and other socially normalised behaviours.

The great news is, with the reintroduction of this desired loving and safe childhood environment in adolescence or adulthood, we can rewire our neural pathways.

Old dog, new tricks. It's never too late.

Melissa Shadforth