Body sovereignty

Body Sovereignty is being in charge of how we live in relationship with our body, and in charge of how our body is in relationship with the world.  Every individual owns their body. Full stop.

This is a beautiful letter from a Father to his Daughter and a helpful guide on how mentors can share body sovereignty with adolescents.  Male or female.

How do we mentor body sovereignty?

This is an excellent summary of the knowledge required at each stage of childhood and adolescence to develop body sovereignty.

This education requires simple, factual, and brief lessons frequently. Not a one off download before or after a critical stage of adolescence!

This education is critical to developing our understanding of body sovereignty as society and the media does not consistently reinforce the message.

This is another great read about mentoring on consent and body sovereignty with some potentially surprising findings on what adolescents really think about sex and love.

If as parents we are not able to mentor due to active trauma or triggers, it's important to find a mentor in the village who can. If not from a safe adult mentor, they'll source sex education from the internet, the school yard, or through trial and error. In this case, fact is a stronger protective factor than fiction!



Melissa Shadforth